Fatty Doggers

Many men out there are chubby chasers. They like their women with a bit of meat on them and when I say a bit of meat, I mean A LOT of meat. Over 70% of men in the UK have a fetish of having sex with a large lady, is it any wonder that dogger’s out there are also looking for a BBW to go dogging with?

We run a series of dogging sites in the UK and non are as popular as this site. It turns out that men love to fuck these chunky women in the back of their cars in laybys and car parks near their house.

How to find fat dogger’s in your local area.

There are two ways to hunt down these big women for sex in a car.Fat girl dogging

1. Wait

This is your first option if you aim is to meet big women for sex, simply head up to your local car park as wait, eventually a fat women will come along looking for a pounding. You can fuck her and then begin your next wait. A big part of dogging is simply sitting in a dogging car park and waiting for the action to begin. If you are to just sit around for hours then choose this option.

2. Go on the hunt

The other option is becoming more and more popular and that is to hunt down fatties to go and fuck. If you are going to go fishing, then you need a pond with fish in it. This pond is fatdogging.com. In this site we have hundreds of large women across the UK who are all seeking more sex in their lives are up for dogging. From women who have been dogging hundreds of times before to women who are eager to try it for the first time but have no idea how; we have the ideal women for you simply waiting on our site.


Hunt for fatties on the go.

You don’t have to be sitting on your family computer at home to scroll through hundreds of naked profiles of local dogging women, you can do it from the comfort of your car, on your mobile phone. We have designed this site to work perfectly on all mobile devices so simply sign up on your mobile and you will feel like you just downloaded a mobile dogging app off the iTunes store.

It is that easy to use.girl dogging

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