Are you living in Sheffield and interested in a bit of BBW dogging. Doing is something that people from all walks of life do, whether you are rich, poor, young or old people love to go out and fuck people that they doSheffield Dogging not know in the woods. There is something very primal about it.

One dogging group of people who are always at it are the fat doggers. We have hundreds of members signing up to this site every week just hoping that they will be able to make contact with someone for sex up in the forest.

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Now, even though we do get a lot of slimmer men who just want to fuck a fat woman, we also have men who are overweight and just looking for a lady of a similar build to fuck.

We took this off one of our male member’s profiles the other day.

“My name is John and as you can see from my pictures I am a fat bloke. I have tried signing up to hundreds of different dating websites in my time, and I have to say that this one has given me the most sex by far. I think it is because the women on here expect to be messaged by other fat blokes and all they want is no strings attached dogging sex in Sheffield. Well, that is exactly what I am looking for. In fact, you could say that I have never had so much in common with the women I am meeting than I do now.

This is probably the thing that is getting me soo much sex. They say that to have a real bond with someone you need to have a lot in common; well I finally do. I am fat, and most of these women are fat, and I am Sheffield Doggingnot looking for anything other than a fuck in the back of my car and neither are they. It is almost a match made in heaven. It almost makes me want to have more to do with these women, but I have made a pact that I will not do anything other than fuck them and it seems to be working out quite well for me.”

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Are you a large woman looking to start dogging in Glasgow? Alternatively, you might be a man who is interested in having sex with a fat woman in a dogging car Park in Scotland? Glasgow DoggingEither way, this is the perfect dating site for you.

We have spent the last five years matching hundreds of couples that are interested in dogging in the Glasgow area.

How much does it cost?

It is completely FREE to sign up to this site, all you need to do is fill in the form at the top of this page, within two minutes you could be on the site and searching through hundreds of fat Glaswegian women’s profiles.

What do fat women put on their profiles?

These women use their profiles as a shop front; they upload whatever they can to try and get men to fuck them. They upload hundreds of horny pictures and write about all the sexual things they want to do and have done to them in the dogging car parks. These women are very fat so often upload images that show off their curves. If you are into big fat women then this is the perfect website for you.

Testimonial from a fat Glaswegian lady.

We know that a lot of men might think that we are lying when we say we have hundreds of real women looking for sex. Because of this we often post some of the information from the profiles that are uploaded in the Glasgow area. We upload images from real profiles that have been uploaded and also like to upload some of the writing off the women on our sites. Here is a testimonial off a lady who signed up last week

“My name is Alice, and I am quite a fat girl, I spend the last few years trying to slim down so I could get more men to have sex with me but I have now realized that thousands of men want to have sex with me because I am fat. Since I have signed up to this site three or four Glasgow fat Doggingdays ago, I have had over ten men contact me saying that I am beautiful and asking me if I want to meet up for sex.

I have started meeting up with these people in dogging car parks, well actually I tell a lie, I like it when they pick me up and take me up the dogging car parks, fuck me hard and then drop me off again afterwards. The best thing about this is that I feel like a lady of leisure being driven around and fucked hard. If you want to meet up with me for a good hard fuck then what are you waiting for, message me today!”

Fat granny escorts

Are you interested in fucking a fat granny escort? Granny escorting is for men who have no interest in wining and dining their women. There are hundreds of men out there that simply do not want anything more out of a woman than sex and the feeling of being intimate withmilf escort another woman. Many men have wives or perhaps do not have the money to be going out and buying expensive meals for women just to get them into bed.

The great thing about granny escorting is that it cuts out all the crap, these women will meet up with you and for the right price they will perform any sexual favour on you that you would like.

Fat escorts.

Now there are hundreds of men out there who are looking for tall, slim grannies, but there are also a lot of people who are looking for fat old escorts. Many men have the fantasy of getting under the sheets with an older woman who has a bit of weight on her. Men like to grab their huge tits and spunk inside their fat arses.

This is where this site can help.

We specialise in finding you fat older women in your local area who are looking for some fast no strings attached sex.

Are all the women escorts?

Not every single woman on this site are looking for money in return for sex, but all the women are here who are not escorts meet certain criteria which make them as useful as escorts.

Let’s go through what that is.

Well, first of all, they are overweight so they all fit into the fat category. Secondly, none of them is looking for any relationship; they are only looking for someone who they can meet up with quickly for a good hard fuck. Thirdly these women want to meet up quickly. In the same milf escortway, you would get in contact with a fat granny escort, and they would come and meet you straight away, these women are the same they are here because they would like to meet up asap for some fat sex. So why not contact some of the women on the site today. You never know what you are going to get; you could potentially get a fat granny escort, or you could end up getting something a little better

Fat dogging Leeds

Are you in the market to meet some fat older doggers in Leeds? We all now that the people of Leeds are sex maniacs. This site alone has more people signing up to it from Leeds than anydogging Leeds other city in the UK. It turns out that the men of Leeds go wild for older women who like to go dogging and even more so for the fat old doggers that are looking for their next fuck buddy.


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We know that many of the sex dating sites in Leeds try to make you sign up and put your payment details in even though you do not have to pay anything for the first month. Well, we all know that the second that month is up they are going to bill you for half your life savings.


We are different when you sign up to our dating site for free; we do not even ask for any of your payment details. We do this for two reasons; the first reason is that we know how happy you are going to be with our service and we do not feel like we have to trick you out of any of your money. We know after you have been on the site for free for a few weeks and you decide it is time to start having more sex you will want to become a platinum partner of the site like all the hot old fat grannies in the area.


The second reason we do not charge is that we want to prove to you how many fat old women there are in your area. Once you sign up, we will instantly line up all the fat women in Leeds who are currently single and looking for their next sex partner. All you need to do is look Fat dogging Leeds through all the hot Yorkshire sex personals and pick the one you like the look of. When you have found her, it is then simply a case of taking her on a sex dates up the Yorkshire Hills to fuck her on the bonnet of your car.


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Are you a fan of fat dating and do you love in Birmingham, if this is the case then you have come to the right website, we started this website with one aim and that was to help fat men and women get together for a no fat dogger birminghamstings attached sexual relationship. Ever since we started the website we noticed that the biggest city for men who want to find a fat woman to have sex with is Birmingham.

It turns out that the brummies’ are itching to get themselves a fat woman into bed and are not afraid to put themselves out there.

More fat women in Birmingham than any other city.

Before long we realized that there were just as many women who were interested in meeting up for sex in Birmingham as the men, we decided because of this that we would message one of these fat women to find out why she has come to this dating site to find her next fuck buddy and also ask her the reason she likes this site.

“My name is Claire and I have always been fat, I have chosen this site to find my fuck buddy because it works. I signed up to this site about three months ago and since then I have had sex with about 4 different men. They all messaged me within a week of me meeting up. They said that they were not really looking for anything and just wanted to have good hard sex, this is perfect for me as I am exactly the same. I literally have no interest in having a relationship, I have been there and done that and I can tell you that it is definitely not me! I am here because I want to have sex with men who are not going to be calling and texting me every single day.

I just want to meet someone who is clean and has a big hard dick. I have already met four men and I fully birmingham datingintend on meeting more”

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There are hundreds of men and women in Birmingham who are looking for their next Birmingham Doggerdogging experience. Men of all different shapes and sizes are coming online and looking for their next hookup.

Many of the these brummies’ are very fat and are looking for someone as fat as them to have fun with.

How fat are these women?

We have all different sizes women on this site, feel free to filter your search results to the Birmingham women who are the right sort of fat for you. So for example, if you love really fat women then simply set your settings to have women who are very fat and we will only show you the dogging milfs who are very fat. However, if you simply like your Birmingham women with a few curves on them, then simply select curvy and we will only show you the women who are the build which you select.

How to get Fat Birmingham women into bed?

Or should we say, into the back of your car. Well this is easy, this website has been designed to help men find fat women to have sex with. The site is called fatdoggers and has hundreds of men and women signing up every week. Remember that all the women who have signed up to this site are also looking for someone fat to have sex with. That means that all these horny profiles that you will be looking through are of women who are just as eager to find their next shag as you are. Remember that this is not a site for people who are seeking love; this is a site for people who are looking for some hard sex in a Car park in Birmingham.

How do I meet the right woman for me?

This site works well because of its advanced filtering system. You are much more likely to meet up for sex in Birmingham if you are meeting people who want to have sex with you Fat Doggerjust as much as you want to have sex with them. That means meeting people who have the same sexual fantasies as you. By signing up to this site you are already half way there as you will be meeting people who are fat and love dogging. However, once you are on the site you can continue to refine you search, why not filter your results by hair colour, eye colour, height, how fat you want your woman to be and even sexual interests. So for example, why not search for a hot mature from Birmingham who loves to have anal sex or really enjoys blowjobs? We will only show you the women who fit the built.

If you are living in Birmingham and interested in meeting up with horny woman then you are in the right place!


Are you interested in going fat dogging in London? Many millions of men and women enjoy dogging in the UKs capitol city. Whether you are a bit of an exhibitionist or whether you just like the thought of getting caught dogging, it is a very popular thing to do in London Fat DoggingLondon. From pulling up on the edge of the m25 for a quick fuck or even if you want to head down to Richmond park for a bonk in the bushes.

Fat is best.

A huge amount for dogging men love to meet up with fat women for dogging sex. We have run dogging websites for years and we noticed a few years back that there are hundreds of men who sign up with the single intention of meeting up with a fat woman to go dogging with (most of which were in London). Because of this we decided to create this website and it grew and grew. There are over 30000 men and women in England’s capitol city currently looking for sex outside in a car; are you one of them? Then why not join the club?

How to meet the right women for you.

Signing up to this fat dating site is completely free and takes less than 3 minutes. You do not have to enter any payment details and within moments you will be presented with hundreds of fat women in your local area who are all interested in meeting up for sex. Feel free to scroll through some of the profiles and see if there are any people you are interested in meeting. If you would like to have a closer look or would like to see more images off a certain fat lady then just click through to her profile whereLondon Fat Dogging you will be able to read more information about her and even see more images of her naked.

Remember this site is all about meeting up for sex so we have aimed to make this site easy and fun to find your next fat dogging fuck buddy in London.

Filter by sex.

No, I don’t mean by male or female, I mean you can filter through based on the type of sex people like having so if you are only interested in meeting up with women who love anal sex then simple filter by anal sex and we will only show you the fat cockney slag who like anal sex.

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BBW Dogging

Are you seeking a big beautiful woman to go dogging with? Do you like the big buxom women who like to go out in public and take their clothes off? Who doesn’t? These women are some of the most exciting women on the plant.

If you are in the business of meeting a BBW dogger then you have come to the right site.

We are a dating site that specializes in finding men a sexy date to go dogging with.fat milf dogging

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Signing up to the site is simple and easy. Simply fill in our quick 5-step process above that takes less than 2 minutes. The sign up process is free and within moments you could be signed up and scrolling through hundreds of BBW’s in your area. Our only warning message is that there is a high chance you are going to see hundreds of women naked. I am sure that this does not bother most of you and this is probably the reason you are here but we do need to mention it just in case anyone is sensitive to seeing hundreds of naked women.

Feel free to filter through hundreds of profiles and read about these women. If you would like to filter your results to just blondes, or perhaps you like short women, you can do so in our filter section and we will only show you the women that you select. If you would like to meet women who have specific sexual tastes then you can even filter your results down to women who love giving blowjobs or even women who have the same favorite positions as you.

Testimonial from one of our BBW’s

“My name is Sarah and I have always be a fat woman. When I was younger, this always used to make me feel a bit ugly but as I have got older it actually makes me feel sexy. I have realized that there are millions of men out there who have a fantasy of having sex with fat women and I am like a god for these men. I started dogging about two years ago now when a friend suggested it. I went up to my local dogging car BBW doggingpark and it was exhilarating having all these horny men take advantage of me. It was like I was fulfilling a real fantasy of mine and they loved it too. Ever since then I have been hooked. I use this website as a way to organize meet ups with the men I find more attractive and sometimes I even taken them to dogging spots non of the other men know about. It is really sexy and I think all women should try it!”

Fatty Doggers

Many men out there are chubby chasers. They like their women with a bit of meat on them and when I say a bit of meat, I mean A LOT of meat. Over 70% of men in the UK have a fetish of having sex with a large lady, is it any wonder that dogger’s out there are also looking for a BBW to go dogging with?

We run a series of dogging sites in the UK and non are as popular as this site. It turns out that men love to fuck these chunky women in the back of their cars in laybys and car parks near their house.

How to find fat dogger’s in your local area.

There are two ways to hunt down these big women for sex in a car.Fat girl dogging

1. Wait

This is your first option if you aim is to meet big women for sex, simply head up to your local car park as wait, eventually a fat women will come along looking for a pounding. You can fuck her and then begin your next wait. A big part of dogging is simply sitting in a dogging car park and waiting for the action to begin. If you are to just sit around for hours then choose this option.

2. Go on the hunt

The other option is becoming more and more popular and that is to hunt down fatties to go and fuck. If you are going to go fishing, then you need a pond with fish in it. This pond is In this site we have hundreds of large women across the UK who are all seeking more sex in their lives are up for dogging. From women who have been dogging hundreds of times before to women who are eager to try it for the first time but have no idea how; we have the ideal women for you simply waiting on our site.


Hunt for fatties on the go.

You don’t have to be sitting on your family computer at home to scroll through hundreds of naked profiles of local dogging women, you can do it from the comfort of your car, on your mobile phone. We have designed this site to work perfectly on all mobile devices so simply sign up on your mobile and you will feel like you just downloaded a mobile dogging app off the iTunes store.

It is that easy to use.girl dogging

Signing up to this site is free

Meet chubby doggers.

chubby girl Dogging is something that many fat men and women do, if you like sex parties and find it exhilarating having sex outdoor then this is the site for you. Meeting chubby doggers in easy enough, you could probably turn up to any dogging layby or car park across the country and within a month or two you probably would have had sex with a large woman.

The issue that many of our members use to have was that they didn’t like the waiting and the uncertainty.

Here is a quote from one of our member’s who talks about his life before he signed up to this fatty dogging site

“I always thought it was strange how people could sign up to these online dating websites. I use to think, why would you pay any money when you could just head up to a dogging car park and have sex. I mean the truth is, I have had sex many times in dogging car parks and never had to pay for it.

Anyone who has been dogging in the UK also knows that many of the men like to have a chat while we wait for a nice woman to turn up for a fuck. I was speaking to a couple of guys and soon discovered that they were all paying members on this dogging site. I asked them why and they said they were just sick of the waiting, they wanted to meet women online who they could arrange to meet and make sure that they were guaranteed sex. It also turned out that many of them used it as a way to access hundreds of women’s images. They say that once you are a member you can view many of these women’s naked profiles and chat to them online to organize sex.

I went back that night and decided to give it a go. I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. The site has many more features than I first thought and actually, this site seems to work! I was chatting to this one woman and met up with her for one on one sex in the middle of the day. It was great fun and I now speak to her all the time. I suppose fat sexthat is actually the best thing. For me dogging was something I could only ever do in the evenings but now it is something I can do all day. I am always chatting to different chubby doggers and meeting up for sex is almost guaranteed. If you have not already signed up to this site and you are thinking about it then give it a go. You will not be disappointed.”