Welcome to Fat dogging Australia

This site does exactly what it says on the tin. It is the world’s premium site for men and women who like the ideas if having sex out doors with people who are over weight.

What is dogging?

Dogging is most commonly the process of meeting up with strangers in a car park for sex. Whether it is laybys or even in public car parks, people gather and flash their lights if theydogging in Sydney are interested in sex. Over the years, dogging has become a lot more sophisticated than just waiting in dogging car parks though, these days with the access to online dating sites such as this one, there is less waiting and more fucking which benefits everyone.

We are the top-dogging dating sites in Australia for men and women who are over weight. This instantly means that you will only be meeting fat doggers when you sign up to this site.

Benefits of signing up

Sex dating is all about finding a match. Meeting someone who has the credentials you are looking for and via versa. The name of the game is to match two people who have common interests. By signing up to this website you already have a huge amount in common with every single person who signs up. You like dogging and you want to have sex with fat people. That means you are already a lot closer to having a perfect match.

However, we don’t stop there, over the years we have worked hard on an advanced matching system, which has even won awards. We aim to give you the easiest filtering system to whittle down your result to the people you will most likely match with based on your location, the “type” of person you would most like to have sex with and also sexual interests. So for example, if you loved anal sex with fat blonde women, we will only show you blonde women who enjoy having anal sex.

This dating site is completely free. Unlike other dating sites that ask for all your bank details and then allow you access we do not ask for any bank details upfront. Feel free to sign up for your free trial without having to enter any of your banking details.

Signing up is quick easy and free. Simply fill in the quick 2-minute sign up process at the top of this page and start your search today!