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Recent members we have Tweeted

Recent members we have Tweeted

Welcome to Fat Dogging!

All members are encouraged to be actively looking for chubby doggers.

There is a high chance you will see images of fat naked women you know!

Fat dogging is a UK premium website for fat men and women who love to go dogging. In other words, it does what it says on the tin. We have lines of chubby people signing up to meet for no strings attached sex in local car parks.

A UK premium chubby dating site.

This site has been running for several years now. Over this time we have worked hard to improve the way you can meet other dogger’s online. Here are a couple of our premium features that you might be interested in.

1. A unique filtering system that allows you to quickly search for people who shared your sexual tastes.

2. A free trial, unlike any other dating site. We do not even ask for your payment details unless you are interested in signing up as a full paying member. The trial will last as long as you need it too with no time restrictions. So take your time deciding if we are the right site for you.

3. A massive database of fat women who are all eager to meet for sex as soon as possible.

4. Our website helps people increase the amount of sex they are having. We have discovered that our paying members are staying month after month. They are so happy with the service we provide and have significantly increased the amount of contact they have with horny women.

5. Because of the size of our site, you don’t have to drive far to meet up for your next sexual encounter. We show you on a map how close these people live to you and how quickly it would take you to meet in a local car park for some sexy fun.

Dogging on the go.

If you are on the go why not visit our site through mobile. We have worked hard to make sure that our website will work like a mobile app on your phone. You still get all the great features of our desktop service but with the ease of use of a mobile app. This means if you are on the go why not pull into a dogging car park and message someone right there in your car and arrange an instant hook-up?

We have even added a new feature recently that allows you to search for dogging car parks near you (in case you are in a new area.)

Discover new Fat dogging locations.

This community of fat doggers is not just heard for single hook-ups. We are noticing more and more people are organising orgies through the site. Due to meeting up with more than one person at a time you are exposed to new dogging locations that you might have never heard of before.

Why not sign up today for your free trial?

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