Welcome to Fat dogging New Zealand

fat dogger NZ
Welcome to New Zealand’s most popular dating site for fat people who like to go dogging. We have been running this site in New Zealand for almost 6 years and have grown to become the biggest niche-dogging site in the country. If you are seeking a chubby person to have no strings attached sex with outside then look no further.

Signing up

The sign up process to fat dogging is quick simple and easy, it takes less than two minutes to fill in the form at the top of this page. Before long you can be scroll through hundreds of fat profiles of people near you who are looking to increase the amount of sex they are having. We do not require any bank details until you decide to sign up for your full membership. Until then, why not sign up for free unlimited trial.

Filtering your results

Meeting people online is all about having a match. When two people meet who are both looking for the same thing, this is when there is the highest chance of sex. By signing up to a site called fat dogger’s you are already halfway there. You know you are going to meet Dogger who is fathundreds of people across New Zealand who love having sex outdoors and are most likely going to be fat.

From this point on it is simply a case of whittling down your results to the people who you would most like to meet. Perhaps you really want to meet someone who enjoys anal sex or maybe someone with a similar fetish to you such as oral sex or even BDSM. Let us know who you are most interested in meeting and we will only show you the people who fit your description.

Sending your first message

The process of messaging someone on our site couldn’t be easier. Simply click through to their full profile and click on the “message me” button. Once you have written your message, just click “send”. If you spend more than 60 seconds whittling down your search results to people who you really want to meet you can literally open the conversation by telling them how you found them eg “hi I was just looking for a fat women who love dogging who have blonde hair and enjoys anal sex and you were at the top of my search page, how are you?”. These women are only here for no strings attached sex so that will most likely work!

Good luck on your hunt!

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