Fat Dogging Ireland

From Cork to Dublin, Fatdogging.com has a huge database of Irish members. Dogging and exhibitionism is growing in numbers in Ireland and due to sites like these it is becoming easier and more accessible for men and women to meet up for sex with strangers. If you are interested in meet up with fat women for sex outdoor then look no further.

Free access.

Access hundreds of local chubby doggers for free. We do not ask you for any payment details on sign up and allow unlimited time to use our dating site for free before having to sign up for your free membership.

What is the difference between a free membership and a full gold membership?

This is often the most common question asked. With a free membership you will be allowed access to everyone on the site, you can view their profiles and see all their naked images. You can also search and filter your results to help you find your ideal dogging match. The only difference between this and a paying member is that the paying Dogging in Corkmembers can message as many women as they like where as a basic member is limited to how many women you can message a month.

How many people are on the dating site?

We have over 100 people a week signing up from Ireland. This site has been running for the last 8 years now so it doesn’t take long to realize that our membership has thousands of members all seeking their next dogging playmate.

Can I use the site on my mobile?

Yes we have made this site work on any device out there so as soon as you decide to sign onto the site from your mobile instead of your PC, you will be greeted with our fully functioning mobile web design. It will feel like you have just downloaded the app from the iTunes store.

Do I have give my address?

No, all we ask for is the city that you live in so that we can show you other women who live in the same city as you. We do not need address details and will certainly not be trying to contact you to your home address; we will only ever contact you through email.

Why do you need my email?

We only need peoples mobile so that we can confirm when another fat dogger has sent them a message, then we email you to let you know that you have a message waiting for you!

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