Fat Dogging in Canada

Canada is a country that has a growing population of doggers. A dogger is a man or a woman who likes to go to car parks to have sex with random people. As more and more people get into this type of sex dating, we discovered that there was a huge amount of Canadians who were specifically looking to “dog” with women who are overweight.

We set up fat dogging Canada about 4 years ago now and we have been shocked at how popular it is. It turns out that tens of thousands of Canadians are looking to meet up with large women for sex in their cars.

Benefits of signing up to this site.

Meet people on the go.

We have created a site that works perfectly on your home computer or even on your mobile. If you are out in your car and are interested in messaging a few large ladies for sex then look no further. Signing up for your free account will grant you access to Canada Dogginghundreds of women right there on your mobile. Scroll through fat women’s profiles and have a skim through their sexy naked photos. Take a moment to read about what type of sex they like and the type of men they are hoping to meet. If you like the look of them then simply send them a message right they’re and then introducing yourself and asking for sex.

Ask women for sex.

Remember these women know that it is a sex-dating site and have also signed up seeking more sex. These women are looking for no strings attached sex; they simple want it hard and fast in the back of a car. You don’t have to spend days chatting these women up and taking them out to dinner. Simply message them letting them know that you are also interested in having sex and ask them if they like the look of you.

If they do then there is a high chance you could be meeting up for sex soon.

Free sign up.

Signing up to Fat Dogging Canada is completely free. The sign up box at the top of this page is a 5-step process that takes less than 2 minutes to fill in. During this process, we only ask your name, age (so we know everyone who signs up is over 25) and email (so we can email you to let you know someone has messaged you on the site). Why not sign up for free trial today and see who you could meet up with in your local area.